PelicanDream is a design studio with one goal in mind: to excel in all we do. Imagine. Dream. Create. Thinking outside the box. Keeping an open mind. Daring to be different.

We take our clients and their success seriously. We are not afraid to make alternative suggestions if we think it will benefit the client. We are here for the long haul. Most of our clients come back year after year, project after project.

On some projects we collaborate with other agencies, who provide skills or knowledge that we do not have in house. Likewise PelicanDream sometimes provides other agencies with skills we are able to offer.
Everything we design, we do with our clients to create a presence that’s Efficient. Effective. Engaging.
Eye candy that lasts. Life’s too short. Time is valuable.

Your website, your business, your shop, your gallery, your book, your logo, your brochure, your ad, your poster, is your window to the world. It's your online and offline face. The greater your online presence, the greater your reach and ability to attract new customers.

Gorgeous design, great content and ease of use will attract, engage and keep your customers coming back again and again.
A lot of thought goes into creating a design, whether it's for a website, a brand, logo, a book or magazine. Each project is different, and we work together with our clients to analyze the market they want to reach. Each step of the design process we do with our clients. Below is a visualization of the process.